Hours of Operation



Monday - Friday:
8am to 5pm

*CLOSED on weekends & major holidays.


1066 W. Hwy 66
Flagstaff, AZ 86001

*Between Oxendale Kia and Wicked AZ Coffee.

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Available Services


Canine Vaccines:

  • Rabies (1-year and 3-year)

  • DHPP (also known as DAPP, 5-in-1, or combo)

  • Bordetella (both Oral and Injectable)

  • Leptospirosis

Feline Vaccines:

  • Rabies (1-year and 3-year)


  • FeLV


  • Select prescription medications available, including:

    • Apoquel

    • Heartgard Plus

    • Simparica

    • Fortiflora

    • Calming Care

    • and more!

  • Purina Pro Plan Veterinary diets also available.


  • In-house Blood Work

    • Heartworm testing​

    • FeLV/FIV testing

    • CBC & Comprehensive Chemistry Panels

  • Outside Blood Work

    • Fecals​

    • Urinalysis

    • Thyroid testing

    • Allergy testing

    • DNA testing

    • and many more comprehensive and/or specialized tests

  • Digital Radiography

  • Ultrasonography

  • and more!

Surgical Services

  • Spays & Neuters

  • Routine Mass Removals

  • Routine Dental Prophylaxis

  • and more!

We do NOT offer the following:

Alpine Animal Clinic does not perform cosmetic procedures like de-claws, tail docks, or ear crops. We also do not currently offer dental radiography, chemotherapy treatments, or orthopedic surgical procedures.

Important Policies

Rabies Vaccinations

Alpine Animal Clinic requires that all dogs and cats over four months of age receive routine Rabies vaccinations - even if the pet is indoor-only. (After all, your pet had to leave your home to come to our office in the first place... )

If your pet's Rabies vaccination is not up-to-date, and your pet is healthy enough to receive the vaccination, we will require you to authorize it. If you decline to authorize it, we will ask you to seek veterinary care elsewhere.

This requirement can only be waived under the following circumstances:

  • a documented allergic reaction validated by a veterinarian.

  • a serious medical condition validated by a veterinarian.

  • a valid Rabies Titer with a titer level above 0.5 IU/mL, performed within the last twelve months by a USDA-approved laboratory.

As a reminder - the Rabies vaccination can only be administered by a licensed Veterinarian. It cannot be given by a groomer, a boarding facility, or a veterinary technician/nurse. It also cannot be sold to you over-the-counter or purchased from a feed store.

Furthermore, state law requires that a Veterinarian perform a thorough physical exam prior to vaccinating your pet for Rabies. This exam is not optional.

You may think this policy is harsh, but we think it is absolutely necessary. After all, Rabies is always FATAL and there is NO CURE. The only way to test a pet for Rabies infection is to euthanize the pet and submit the brain tissue to a Rabies laboratory for testing. This is not only heartbreaking for the pet's family, but also very expensive for the owner.

Rabies is endemic among the wildlife in Coconino County. Help us reduce the risk to our pets and our people by maintaining your pet's Rabies vaccination in accordance with state and county law.

Annual Examinations

In the state of Arizona, we are required to have an established relationship with your pet prior to providing any medical treatment, prescription medication, or prescription food.

We choose to define "established relationship" as having seen your pet for a Wellness Exam within the last twelve months (for adult pets) or within the last six months (for senior pets).

This policy exists to protect your pet. New medical issues can arise very quickly - sometimes without visible symptoms or warnings. It would break our hearts to send home a medication that once helped your pet, only for it to make a new or previously un-diagnosed condition worse.

This policy extends to filling prescriptions written by veterinarians outside of our office. Even with a written prescription, we cannot fulfill that prescription without first establishing a relationship with (i.e. examining) your pet. If you have a prescription from another veterinarian, we encourage you to take that prescription to a licensed pharmacy, instead of asking us to fill it for you.

Licensing, Per ARS § 11-1008

Please be advised - Coconino County law REQUIRES all residents to license their dogs in accordance with the following statute:

  • "Every person owning or keeping a dog in Coconino County must purchase a license when the dog is three months of age; or within 30 days of becoming owner or keeper; or within 30 days after moving to Coconino County. Proof of Rabies is required for licensing."